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Extending the life of large diesel engines - with high quality spare parts


As part of our commitment to providing our customers with a comprehensive large diesel engine maintenance service, OSM Atlantic offers a wide range of spare parts for many makes of engines and generators.

No matter what industry you are in, be it marine, mining, commercial or energy, a professional diesel engine maintenance is essential. Replacing worn or broken parts with high quality parts is a key component of this maintenance, always with the aim of extending the life of engines while maintaining their performance.

Our parts sales service includes brands such as SULZER, MAN, MAK and WARTSILA, as well as KHD, MWM, SWD Pielstick, HiMSEN, YANMAR, Daihatsu, MTU, Bergen, Caterpillar - to name but a few.


Competitively priced spare parts

Before buying spare parts, you should be aware that engine manufacturers themselves call on specialist suppliers who offer specific engine components (e.g. MIBA bearings or DUAP or Lorange injectors). This principle applies to all diesel engine components, including

- Engine heads,
- Pistons,
- Inlet/outlet valves,
- Springs,
- inserts and
- Piston rings.

To offer you competitive prices (without compromising quality), OSM Atlantic has direct agreements with European OEM suppliers. These agreements allow us to offer these parts at very competitive prices, often considerably lower than the prices offered by the manufacturers.


Preventive maintenance in order to know when it’s time to replace a part

We all agree that it's better to replace a part before it reaches the end of its useful life to avoid the need to stop an engine for repairs and for replacement. But how do you know when a part has reached the end of its life? In fact, statistical analysis can be used to infer the longevity of a part based on various indicators.

For a life cycle analysis, the following information is required to identify your motors and generators:

- Type of spare part,
- Motor/generator model,
- Serial number,
- Number of hours in use,
- Year of purchase.

The number of years in operation is often key to the analysis - for example, an engine that has only run for 5,000 hours may appear to be in good condition, but if it has been in operation for 20 years, it may be worn down by time, corrosion and/or lack of maintenance.

To prevent your diesel engine from breaking down due to worn-out parts, OSM Atlantic offers several maintenance-related services, including

- Inspection services,
- Preventive maintenance and repair services,
- Specialized machining, on site at our customers, using our portable equipment, and
- Spare part sales


Call us at 418-986-7636 or write us at [email protected] to obtain

  • A proposal for spare parts, or
  • An evaluation of your Diesel engines, to discuss how to extend their life and increase their efficiency.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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