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The Bore: high precision and unequalled speed

A specialized machining technology from OSM ATLANTIQUE

Drawing on its vast expertise and vision, our team has developed an exclusive portable technology: the Bore. Its main asset, the laser alignment, allows us to machine the liner surfaces of large diesel engines with unparalleled precision in order to re-establish their positioning and sealing.

A solution designed to reduce downtime

Designed specifically for diesel engine machining, the Bore optimizes specialized machining operations, notably by reducing the time required to complete the job. Our team, with its in-depth expertise and equipped with our exclusive technology, does everything possible to get you back up and running faster and to mitigate the costs resulting from engine shutdowns.

The advantages of the Bore


With the Bore, a job that would otherwise take 10 to 14 days can be done in 4 to 7 days.


The Bore can be used in the workshop as well as in the field or on the open sea, which allows for a wide variety of uses.


The use of the laser for alignment gives it a higher level of accuracy than other technologies on the market.


Universal, the Bore can be used for most brands of diesel engines, from ships to power plants.

Discover our specialized machining service

Our team works with the Bore for the appropriate types of machining. But whatever your needs, OSM Atlantic will put its expertise to work to restore your engine for long-lasting operations.
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