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OSM ATLANTIC – innovative Diesel engine machining services for the marine industry


Since 2015, OSM Atlantic is serving the marine industry by offering inspection, maintenance and repair services for large diesel engines, including part sales for major diesel engine manufacturers.

The company being based in the Magdalen Islands, offering services to the maritime industry was the obvious initial choice.

The beginnings …

In fact, it all started with the CTMA (Coopérative de Transport Maritime et Aérien), the official carrier of the Magdalen Islands that assures the ferry services from Prince-Edward-Island to the Magdalen Islands, and as well offers a cruise ship program from Montreal to the islands, and land transportation.

Machining know-how and services, required specifically for CTMA’s large diesel engines of their ferry and cruise ships, were difficult to obtain locally. Teaming up with Jacques Aucoin, a seasoned expert in mechanics, CTMA decided to participate in the creation of OSM Atlantic.

Local machining know-how for large Diesel engines

The first objective of the newly created company was to ensure the development of local know-how for servicing large diesel engines. The idea was to ensure the servicing of the CTMA fleet by providing inspection, maintenance and repair services by developing a dedicated local work force on the Island for machining these engines.

Innovation in engine machining

In addition, the founders wanted to bring innovation to the machining of large Diesel engines. Spearheaded by the son of the founder, Jean-Sébastien Aucoin, who in the meantime has taken the reins of the company, this endeavour led to the development of the Bore, a portable specialized machining tool. Its main asset, the laser alignment, allows to machine the liner surfaces of large Diesel engines with unparalleled precision in order to re-establish their positioning and sealing.

Designed specifically for diesel engine machining, the Bore optimizes specialized machining operations, notably by reducing the time required to execute the task at hand and thus mitigating the costs resulting from engine shutdowns.

The advantages of the Bore are:

  • Turn-around time: Cut in half the time for specialized machining.
  • Accuracy: Using laser technology for alignment provides a higher level of accuracy than other technologies.
  • Versatility: The Bore can be used in the workshop, in the field or on high sea, allowing a variety of applications.
  • Compatibility: Universal, it can be used for most makes of Diesel engines, notably Sulzer, Wärtsilä, Caterpillar, MTU and MaK, to name a few.

Today, the Bore is not only used for specialized maintenance and repair services of large Diesel engines of the CTMA fleet. Clients in other industry sectors, such as energy (Hydro Quebec) and mining (Canadian Royalties) take advantage of this innovative portable tool in the field. They take advantage of reduced machining time and avoid costly transportation of equipment to engine service centers, often located hundreds of miles away.

Curious on how to use this portable equipment for machining your large Diesel engines? Please contact Jean-Sébastien Aucoin at [email protected], T: 418-986-7636 HA to discuss further.

Photo credit: CTMA

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